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20K+ Months consistently


never sounded so good and felt so close!


people often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” -Zig Ziglar. I have dedicated my time and work to the study of neuro science to understand the relationship between our neurons and neurological pathways and our reality/experiences.
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My goal always with our workshops and VIP mindset makeover is to help you “lose your mind” so that, layer upon layer, we can create new beliefs, paradigms and narratives that help you create a brand new you, beta 2.0 in the shortest time frame


My coaching programs involve us carefully pulling back layers and years of patterns, cycles and systems that hinder you from your maximum capacity. Our work overflows in your finances, your relationships and everything in between because most of our experience is dependent on your beliefs.

Your Journey To Selling Your Brilliance To 2ok+ Months Begins Here.

We will work on the proven and tested FOUR PILLARS to creating 20K+ months specific to your business

I will break down your current business strategy and show you the leaks and gaps that are stopping you from big money manifestation.

We will identify your limiting beliefs and help you smash your sabotaging patterns

You will learn how I hold the energy of my desired manifestations and call in ideal clients who have the money to pay me.


The Mindset Surgeon

Ehi Ade-Mabo

5 Years ago, I was inspired to create a community of Fierce, Ambitious, Godly, Rich Women!

The Goal?

To show up boldly and confidently creating magic in the world while making at least 10k months
Fast Forward 5 years later, the goal is bigger, the energy is expanded and the vision is so crystal clear

How May I Help You?

Life’s challenges often require a shift in perspective rather than a change in circumstances. As a mindset coach, I provide you with the strategies, tools, and unwavering support needed to transform your outlook and embrace a mindset that is poised for success.


1:1 Coaching

Tailored guidance for growth, success. Personalized strategies to break limits, achieve goals, and thrive.


Keynote Speaker

Inspiration unleashed. Captivating talks ignite change, empower teams, and fuel personal transformation.


Corporate Training

Cultivate innovation, resilience. Equip teams with mental tools for navigating today's business landscape.



Connect, evolve together. Collective wisdom, mutual support drive personal and professional breakthroughs.


Mindset Surgery Intensive

Rapid, profound shift. Uproot deep limits, recalibrate mindset for lasting transformation, success acceleration.


Your Voice Your Power Conference

Inner potential unleashed. Engaging workshops, visionary speakers empower your purposeful journey forward.


Being the world’s best kept secret will not benefit you or others

As an underdog, you are often:

🟡 Underpaid

🟡 Overlooked & Overworked

🟡 Invisible and Obscure

🟡 Not able to share your gifts with the world because you are at the back of the room

Centre stage is where you belong because your skills and gifts can spread light years beyond you

”Dui te m civilis eodem qui M magnis eum in quae ab ante, hic quo dis. Magna per aut propositum – per esse utinam gordius.”

Mary D. Moreno

Office manager

”Dui te m civilis eodem qui M magnis eum in quae ab ante, hic quo dis. Magna per aut propositum – per esse utinam gordius.”

Christina Miller


I thought to tune in to my friend’s podcast and as I listened I heard this personality that was fired up and spitting words that struck my core! She said you can do it, she shared how she over came all the odds to get to where she is today. But then she said she could help me and I heard that still small voice that said do it! Spend that money and invest in you, invest in this fertile ground.

Needless to say, I reached out and connected with Ehi and she worked diligently with me to build the frame and begin fleshing out those talents and dreams within. She gave voice, made sense of my thoughts and articulated my vision. She’s very insightful, she reaches deep within to pull out the gifting while still allowing the individual to remain unique and shine.

I throughly enjoyed my time with Ehi. Her faith in me is a force beneath this butterfly’s wing! Thank you Ehi much love always💕

Eileen Gabice

The Butterfly Experience

Working with Ehi was the beginning of conquering my fears of becoming an author. She did not only show me the path but walked the path with me.

Today I am an author of two books. It did not just end there, she saw and unveiled most of the hidden virtues I didn’t think I possessed. Through her guidance, I have spoken on various platforms and hosted series of events. In a short time, I have seen my words “No I can’t” gradually turned into “Yes I can” under her watch.

Ehi is true to her words as well as delivers on her words. As a mindset surgeon, she is able to spot and bring to light those grey areas of your life. Above all, her strategic approach to serving her clients is phenomenal.

Victoria Okuku

Be Your Pathfinder


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