Have you ever felt like you should be doing MORE with your platform, your voice, your business?

Do you sometimes feel helpless in the face of injustice, socio-economic issues and you wished you could make an impact

Do you always find yourself saying “I wish I could change that” or “I wish I could do more”

Listen, you are not alone!

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The presence of desire in your heart is PROOF that it can be done and will be done if you do your part.

Here’s your part:

Fierce Leadership!

You will cast a BIG VISION for your life and be equipped with the tools to execute it.

We will SIMPLIFY and amalgamate all the ideas floating around.

Renew Your Passion and birth ideas that impact millions of people all around the world.

Walk away with a road map and plan that is detailed, guided and logical.

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Here’s what Strategizing
for 2021 entails

The Outcome…

the outcome

We will create a plan to execute your big vision

We will SIMPLIFY the web of ideas in your mind and execute an action plan

We will mastermind on systems and automation to help you SCALE and 10X Your Vision

We will clarify your message, clientele, goals and give you a step by step plan to execute

We will map out your 2021 income projections and give you the tools to realize it


ehi the process

I will ask you deep pertinent and uncomfortable questions that allow you reach deep for the main desires you have tucked away safely

I will probe into your current experiences and tell you the patterns stopping you and the ways you are sabotaging your big vision

You and I will create a template for income projections which are trackable and include ( your mental relationship with money, your income streams, your service offerings, your personal glass ceilings etc)

You will start executing these ideas even before 2020 is over and you will get the accountability to follow through

The Modalities...

the modalities

This is a Pilot program designed to engage you in a group format

This is a six week hybrid program that means that you get the energy and momentum of working with other fierce and feeless visionaries but you also get streamlined

We will have an intense session once a week and implement all week





Work through your limiting beliefs (Fear of allowing big visions, Feeling like an impostor like you are not yet at the level of the vision, Glass ceiling keeping you from allowing big money, Unworthyness for the level of impact, Self acceptance and belief etc.)


We will work on a specific money goal and do the work around what products need to be created


This is for you if you already have a clear road map and you need a kick in the butt daily

It’s such a sweet deal


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