This Program Is designed to get you RESULTS and is broken down step by step to guide you to:

.... so you can show up Powerfully and Authentically

I know you are like me2



You also delight in helping your clients get amazing results

Yet you struggle with selling low end offers that do not turn into 5 figure months despite working long hours

You work your butt out and are always in over whelm

You see other entrepreneurs getting 10k and 30k months and you are wondering what it is you are doing wrong

You have also spent money on other programs and it almost feels as though you are missing something because you have still not gotten what you want

You are also constantly saying to yourself

“Why am I trying so hard yet it feels I’m missing something”

Does this sound familiar?



I know you are tired of your own drama

I know you have prayed hard and here’s what God asked me to tell you

It’s the same thing he told me when I cried bitterly

The moment you accept it, it belongs to you

He already gave it to you



Can you see yourself as having it?



Your time is NOW

You know you should be further along by now, you are already helping others get great results and it frustrates you, you still haven’t stabilized at 30k + months

You love what you do and you even put in extra hours trying to make it work

You are not new to investing in yourself, you have taken some risks here and there and each time you come close

Lots of highs and lows

But not nearly enough highs

Now, you are just done!

Done with playing small

Done with always almost getting there

Done with sabotaging your success



Ehi Ade Mabo

And feeling like an impostor because of your big dreams and goals?


It’s about time to…

Sell it



Keep your Sash

Hi there, my name is Tonbra I’m based in London in the UK.

And, yeah, this is just attest to Ehi’s journaling course.
I can say that it’s been completely revolutionary my life, personally. Prior to doing the course, I didn’t know what journaling was about.

I mean, I heard about it, but I hadn’t really, really understood. The core principles or the effectiveness of it. However, with working with Ehi it’s totally transformed me in terms of my understanding of the power of journaling. I now journal, and I think it’s just been so transformational in the sense that I am able to crystallize. You know, the fourth are already in me because we already have the answers, most of these things within us. But we don’t know that we do so with Ehi’s help and through the amazing journaling prompts that she provides for me week on week I’m able to, you know, dig deep and get some of those answers already within me. And I can see that it’s just really transformed my life it’s been fantastic.

I love, I like journaling now my first journal is always completely
full. I just enjoy the process and I just enjoy the fact that I can look back and see even my journey as well. Because can see what it looks where you started. And you know where you are now it’s been fantastic experience working with Ehi.

I know that you are also going to have the same experience. So if you haven’t you not at all. Or if you don’t really know how to journal the correct way so that it is beneficial for you. So that you’re getting the most out of it that I definitely recommend the cost to you, I think it will transform your life and I think you should do it.



Here’s what I can promise you

You will Expand Your Mind, Create High end Offers and Sell it!


A Structured class

Accountability to keep you grounded and operating in your power Inside a closed, intimate Facebook community

Lifetime access to the class and recordings So you can always go back, listen and stay in High vibe

A tight, close knit community of other spirit-led successful entrepreneurs Who are on the same path as you

$6000 in Full


+ 2 PAYMENTS OF $2000


2 Hour VIP Package


I take you through a couple easy steps that have helped me and my clients get success online

1 Ehi
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Hi, my name is Eno Eka, I live in Canada. I’m working with Ehi last year in 2019 as a mindset coach.

Ehi is truly a mindset surgeon, she helps you to build up your mindset and help you accelerate your group in your entrepreneurship journey or your career journey. Before I met Ehi, I used to Journal, but I never really took it seriously because I never knew the power behind journaling and Ehi taught me how to journal for miracles and the science behind it, effective journaling. So if you’re going to make Ehi your coach, that’s a fantastic decision.

I would also encourage you to take the journaling course because that also helps you to journal for miracles and success.

Happy journaling.

Eno eka

Hi, my name is Kristina and I have been speaking with Ehi and using her journaling prompts for the past couple of months accessing her mindset surgeon philosophies and diving deeper through these journaling prompts is the difference between where my leadership wise to where my leadership is going.

Thank you so much Ehi.


When i met Ehi, I was just out of a really painful downtime in my life and stumbled upon a video of her on IG and said this is it, this is the person I need in my life now.

I had allowed my mind to accept wrong impressions of my self and my abilities by people I love and respected and it had created a completely down-time in my life. I couldn't have been in any atmosphere lower than that.

The reason i started working with Ehi was because, I knew I needed someone out of myself to help me walk through the process I had just begun at that time. I needed someone who didn't know me, who wouldn't judge me, and someone whom I could trust and WAS A PROFESSIONAL.

Working with Ehi was AWESOME! The first week I had begun to sing "Done is better than perfect!" Which I had just learnt as the antidote for overthinking, fear and perfectionism. "I began my EVIDENCE BUILDING, through the remembrance game!"

Now, I am back to the person I knew I was and much better too. My business is up, my product is out, I don't have time to consider or toy with fear of what others think. I own my success, learn from what does work and other processes without too much worries.

Thank you Ehi, I had an idea why God made me get up to watch your IG video at an odd time for me (which ws after an early morning devotion at 4am!). But it was much more. He needed a spirit filled person to send light my way.

Thank you so much Ehi🙏🏾 

I thought to tune in to my friend’s podcast and as I listened I heard this personality that was fired up and spitting words that struck my core! She said you can do it, she shared how she over came all the odds to get to where she is today. But then she said she could help me and I heard that still small voice that said do it! Spend that money and invest in you, invest in this fertile ground.

Needless to say, I reached out and connected with Ehi and she worked diligently with me to build the frame and begin fleshing out those talents and dreams within. She gave voice, made sense of my thoughts and articulated my vision. She’s very insightful, she reaches deep within to pull out the gifting while still allowing the individual to remain unique and shine.

I throughly enjoyed my time with Ehi. Her faith in me is a force beneath this butterfly’s wing! Thank you Ehi much love always💕
Eileen Gabice
The Butterfly Experience
Working with Ehi was the beginning of conquering my fears of becoming an author. She did not only show me the path but walked the path with me. Today I am an author of two books. It did not just end there, she saw and unveiled most of the hidden virtues I didn’t think I possessed. Through her guidance, I have spoken on various platforms and hosted series of events. In a short time, I have seen my words “No I can’t” gradually turned into “Yes I can” under her watch. Ehi is true to her words as well as delivers on her words. As a mindset surgeon, she is able to spot and bring to light those grey areas of your life. Above all, her strategic approach to serving her clients is phenomenal.
Victoria Okuku
Be Your Pathfinder
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